Since 1920 We Have Served Customers All Over the World

And Our Safety And Quality Continues To Pay Off

We provide companies with design, fabrication, installation, and repair services for Boilers, Heat-Exchangers, Pressure Vessels and Refractory Applications.

What we do is custom. Each job presents a unique challenge. There is no off-the-shelf, cookie cutter way to perform the work. We analyze the needs, the risks, and efficiencies against the desired end result to produce a safe work plan, budget and timeline that gets you up and running.

Quality First

We take a quality first approach. It’s not enough to just get you back up and running, only to have a preventable breakdown happen again. There are lots of contractors who can “patch up” your equipment to get it running again.

We keep your equipment running at peak efficiency over the long-term, extend the usable life of your equipment and minimize costs over the long-term.


We have a wealth of unmatched industry experience designing and building custom process equipment and systems for various industries.


We work with clients to develop the best solution. Our full-time engineering staff reviews each project for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


We have extensive experience building machinery, as well as optically aligning and leveling all types of production or process machinery and equipment.


Our in-house engineering services will create new designs to your exact specifications or review and evaluate an existing design.


Useful Information

Licenses & Affiliations


We are authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to use the following code stamps in our shop and field work:

  • U – Section VIII (Unfired Pressure Vessels)
  • S – Section I (Power Boilers)
  • PP – Power Piping (ASME B31.1)
  • R – National Board
 of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The National Board Inspection Code

HSB Global Standards
The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company


We are nothing without our people. It’s a value we share and a constant reminder that the most important thing we do is get everyone home safely.

C H Murphy || Clark-Ullman has built its safety program around the commitment to continuous improvement. We engage our team in active involvement – from upper management to our craft workers – in creating a culture of safety that defines who we are.

The foundation of our safety program is training, which encompasses employees at all levels—enabling everyone to be both educated and responsible. This process includes orientation, safety staff, supervisor training, job hazard analysis, safety meetings, incentive programs, an unwavering drug and alcohol free policy and an emphasis on subcontractor safety.


We are nothing without our people. It’s a value we share and a constant reminder that the most important thing we do is get everyone home safely.

Understanding, knowledge and skill are the three pillars of our philosophy that enable us to fulfill our work for our customers. As a result we provide ongoing training and development for all our people.

Craft Supervision Training
Client relationships begin with front line craft supervisors. Clear communication while managing a safe and productive workforce is key to success.

Personal Growth
We start with the premise that we can always improve, we can always learn something new, we can always gain a new insight. With this focus on continual improvement, ongoing training enables our management and craftspeople to better understand issues such as project controls, multi-trade estimating, and customer deliverables.


Randy Lederbrand

Randy has been with the company since 1978. In addition to his administrative duties, he coordinates the management of field crews and monitors completion schedules; making sure customer needs are being met.

Heather Mickler

Heather has been with C H Murphy || Clark-Ullman, Inc. since 1999. She provides guidance for our administrative support teams who process all data in a job-cost environment. With a combined background in accounting and IT, Heather is able to create custom solutions to streamline tasks, reporting, and audit functions for the accounting department and meet the changing needs of customers, auditors, and government entities.  Heather holds both MBA/Accounting and BS/Information Systems degrees and splits her time between the Portland and Tacoma offices.


At C H Murphy || Clark-Ullman we are more than a place to work or have a job. We are a place where people build a career. It is not uncommon for us to have employees join our team and serve for 30 or more years, retiring with a work portfolio they can be proud of and financial security not often found.

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